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2020 Juried Art

About The NC Artists Exhibition 

From a small exhibition in 1964, the North Carolina Artists Exhibition has evolved to be the largest annual all media juried exhibition in NC. It offers artists an opportunity to present their work and be juried by a renowned art professional. The Exhibition space at the Contemporary Art Museum located in downtown Raleigh,  enhances viewing opportunities and purchase of the artists' works by the public through open artist talks, opening and closing receptions, and First Friday Gallery walks. 

2020  Juried Artists

Ben Alper, Johannes Barfield, Edward Baxter, Ron Beckham, Marie Louise Bennett, Craig Billings, Casey Brown, Raj Bunnag, Erin Canady, Kennedi Carter, Allison Coleman, Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo,  Joy Drury Cox,

 Jose Manuel Cruz 

Joelle Dietrick, Mark Dixon, 

Gabrielle Duggan, Alia ElBermani, 

Melinda Fine, Onay Gutierrez,  Ben Hamburger, Nora Hartlaub, 

Elizabeth Haskin, Stephen Hayes, 

Harrison Haynes, 

Clarence HeywardMax Heller,

 Amy Herman, George Jenne, 

Kelly Johnston, Shannon Johnstone, Joyce Watkins King, Stacey Kirby, 

Deborah Kruger, Raymond La Mantia,  Laura Little,  Jennifer Markowitz, Jackson Martin, Donald Martiny, 

Gaella Materne, Chieko Murasugi, Jeff Murphy, Chloé Rager, Tim Pickett, 

Sherrill Roland, Molly Sawyer,

 Ann Silverman, Dian Sourelis, 

Angela Stout, Natalie Strait, 

Sandy Stratil, Saba Taj,

Lyudmila Tomova, Andrea Vail, 

Lee  Walton, Stephanie J. Woods, 

Gesche  Würfel

Exhibition Dates @ CAM Raleigh

409 W. Martin St., Raleigh, NC 27603

March 8 - June 14

Opening & Community Reception

CAM Raleigh

March 8th, 6:30 pm -8:00 pm

Special Exhibit Viewing Opportunities @ CAM Raleigh

First Fridays: April 3,  May 1, June 5 from 6:00 pm - 10 pm

Artist Talks: Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm and Sundays @ 3:00 pm

Family Days: April 4, May 2, 

June 6 12:00 Noon - 3:00 pm 

CAM Art House: May 8 from 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

2020 Prospectus 

 2019 Exhibition Catalog

Questions:  Jan Woodard, Chair 


2020 North Carolina Artists Exhibition  

March 8 - June 14, 2020

Opening & Community Reception

CAM Raleigh

March 8th, 6:30 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.

Meet the 2020 Exhibition Juror, Nat Trotman 

Photo David M. Heald, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York.

Nat Trotman, Curator of Performance and Media at the Guggenheim R. Solomon Museum in New York, has taken The North Carolina Annual Artists Exhibition to a new level. Not only will the show be educational, it will bring a greater appreciation to cutting edge art being created in our community and state.

The art scene in North Carolina continues to evolve, with artists submissions including performance art, video, film, sound and other media. This is a unique opportunity to connect with art that IS happening in North Carolina. 

Commenting on this year’s Exhibition, Mr. Trotman notes: “As I reviewed the record number of works—more than 1500 in all!—submitted this year, I was struck by the sense of urgency in the art being made in North Carolina today. My selection for the Exhibition brings together a diverse, multigenerational group of nearly sixty artists, each of whom is committed to speaking truth to the era in which we live. Their works are provocative, powerful, and profound. And they are unified in their desire to offer moments of grace, beauty, and critique in the face of these difficult times. I am honored to be able to engage with such a rich artistic community.”

Come. See. Listen. Learn. Discover. Acquire. Experience what inspires these artists. Join us at the community opening and art sales from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on March 8 at CAM Raleigh.  Raleigh Fine Arts Society 2020 North Carolina Annual Artists Exhibition runs through June 14. Visit for public viewing hours. 

Photo: David M. Heald, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York 


BEN ALPER Untitled (Conflation) pigment print $800.00
JOHANNES BARFIELD Crown and Rusted Spoon single-channel video, hand 9" x 16" x 2" $8,000.00
EDWARD BAXTER Pick a Bale of Cotton-Pick a Bale a day Oil 30" x 40" x 2" $1,300.00
RON BECKHAM Untitled cotton and felt fabric 60" x 72" x 1.5" $20,000.00
MARIE- LOUISE BENNETT "Why are you afraid of me?" Found mirror, pine wood, gesso, graphite, acrylic 36" x 22" x 2.75" $1,750.00
CRAIG BILLINGS "The Heidelberg Project Continues to Survive". Mixed media sculpture 48" x 37" x 17" $2,000.00
CASEY BOWN "American Values (Zombie Screen Edition)" Digital Photography Composite 24" x 36" x 1" $1,000.00
RAJ BUNNAG "The Cocaine Hurricane" Relief Linocut 23" x 40" x 0" $2,000
ERIN CANADY "Vestige II bleach and dirt on paper" 32" x 24" x 0" $850.00
KENNEDI CARTER "Knight on Fletcher St" Photography 30" x 40" x 1" $1,500.00
ALLISON COLEMAN "Self Portrait in Mother's Dress" Photography 36" x 24" x 2" $350.00
ALLISON COLEMAN "Self Portrait with Phone" Photography 36" x 24" x 2" $350.00
SARAH ELIZABETH CORNEJO "Cornejo_Halfies, Pt. 5: Lucille_#" Mixed Media 28" x 10" x 12" $4,500.00
JOY DRURY COX "State of Georgia Application for Voter Registration" graphite on paper 17" x 14" x 0" $1,000.00
JOT DURY COX "Free Community Water Analysis Test Form" graphite on paper 17" x 14" x 0" $1,000.00
JOSE MANUEL CRUZ "Deeply FELT" Oil on canvas 48" x 36" x 1.5" $3,500.00
JOELLE DIETRICK "The Speed of Thinking" (Guggenheim- Process Nitrate) Vibrachrome on aluminum 20" x 60" x 1" $3,000.00
MARK DIXON "#1 Plenty of Extra Time" plywood, paint, music box movement, steel, fasteners, motor 18" x 18" x 8" $444.44
GABRIELLE DUGGAN "beach hairs #1" ink, cotton, silk,polymer fibers, paper 36" x 22" x 3" $900.00
ALIA EL-BERMANI "What Remains" charcoal on vellum and mixed media 36" x 36" x 2" $2,400.00
MELINDA FINE "Aphasia" cut paper collage 22" x 30" x 0" $1,200.00
ONAY GUTIERREZ "What We Left Behind" (installation 7 pieces 30x30inches.acrylic on canvas,mix media14.0" x 18.0" x 6.0" $4,200.00
BEN HAMBURGER "Animism" oil on canvas 72" x 36" x 1.5" $5,200.00
NORA HARTLAUB "The Insurmountable Thing" Boulder made from used plastic ponchos for performance /video $5,000
NORA HAUTLAUB " The Insurmountable Thing" performance video $5,000
NORA HARTLAUB "The Insurmountable Thing" video still from performance video $5,000
ELIZABETH HASKIN "But Few Words #2, Pressing closer" Collage, paper 4" x 6" x 0" $1,500.00
STEPHEN HAYES "My Honor" Mixed Media 48" x 30" x 8" $8,500.00
HARRIOSN HAYNES "Fam (Thirteen Arrangements)" Archival Ink Jet Print on Hahnemüehle Photo Pearl 28.25" x 18.75" x 0 $1,500.00
AMY HERMAN "mom's mom's mom's hands" archival pigment print 30" x 40" x 1" $1,400.00
CLARENCE HEYWARD "The Second Child" Acrylic / Silver leaf on Canvas 48" x 30" x 1.5" $2,200.00
GEORGE JENNE "Toujours Prêt",installation view mixed media 9’ x 10’ x 10’
KELLY JOHNSTON "Situation 1" Sculpture 48" x 42" x 3" $2,500.00
SHANNON JOHNSTONE "Stardust and Ashes #103" Archival Inkjet Print (Scanned Cyanotypes) 24" x 32" x 0" $800.00
JOYCE WATKINS KiNG "Blouson" ink,paper 32" x 26" x 1" $1,200.00
STACY KIRBY "Civil Presence" Art installation and performance 20’ x 20’ x 20’
DEBORAH KRUGER "CONFLAGRATION screen-printing on fused plastic bags, sewing 57" x 78" x 3" $10,500.00
RAYMOND LA MANTIA "Unchained" Oils on Canvas 24" x 16" x 0" $3,500.00
LAURA LITTLE "Sorry Mom (Laws of the Landfill) #" Mixed media 40" x 36" x 31" $2,300.00
JENNIFER MARKOWITZ "“New York September 1998- February 1999” Hand embroidered on repurposed nylon slip 2’ x 1’ x 3" $5,000.00
JACKSON MARTIN Making Amends No. 11 (Styrofoam cup) Broken Styrofoam cup, cast bronze,epoxy 9.5" x 4.5" x 4.5" $750.00
DANIEL MARTINY "Eteo" Polymer and pigment on aluminum 71" x 57" x 3" $30,000.00
GAELLA MA TERNE "Untitled" Oil Painting 36" x 36" x 1.5" $2,500.00
CHIEKO MURASUGI "Perceptual Dance" Cutouts and acrylic on panel 54" x 36" x 2" $4,000.00
JEFF MURPHY "Drips Still" Archival Print from Video Still 13" x 19" x 0" $300.00
Chloe Rager "Desire Lines" (Durham Archive #1-20) Inkjet Print 28" x 48" x 2" $450.00
TIM RICKETT "Crack, tssst, sip, ahhh cans from the grid" found object, modeling turf 8" x 13" x 14" $300.00
SHERRILL ROLAND "Weight" knit drawstring bag, shoe strings, exonerate transcript paper 12" x 12" x 10" $2,500.00
MOLLY SAWYER "Ice Figment #1" Icicle, powdered pigment, paper 27" x 18" x 1" $1,500.00
ANN SILVERMAN "Narratives and Threads: South Carolina" Paper and thread 32" x 40" x 2" $3,000.00
DIAN SOURELIS (no) series "simply doing housework" Waxed found paper, type, graphite 20" x 20" x 0" $625.00
ANGELA STOUT "Robert J" Acrylic 40" x 30" x 1.5" $1,200.00"
NATALIE STRAIT "West Elm /Business Bitch" acrylic and glitter on canvas 48" x 36" x 1" $850.00
SANDY STRATIL "Messages XI" Mixed Media 23" x 27" x 1" $450.00
SABA TAJ "Laila in Orchids" Oil paint, glitter on canvas 68" x 66" x 2" $4,000.00
LYUDMILA TOMOVA "Fearless and Free" Acrylic 60" x 48" x 2" $2,200.00
ANDREA VAIL "Andrea Vail's Selection #1;COLLECTING PILE (Zenith) -view A" Donated objects, synthetic fabric, group participation 60" x 72" x 72" $5,300.00
LEE WALTON "Outliving My Life Insurance: Weekly Acts of LEE WALTON Sustainability" Printed Media on Paper 30" x 48" x 0" $200.00
STEPHANIE J. WOODS "When the Hunted Become the Hunters"
GESCHE WURFEL "Slave Cabin (Somerset Place)" Archival Pigment Print 11" x 14" x 0" $1,500.00
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